Spiranthes is an orchid genus, and they are mostly termed as ladies tresses or lady’s tresses. This orchid genus is native to Eurasia, America and Australia. Spiranthes is a perennial herb which is firmly rooted to the ground. The root system of this genus varies in thickness. The leaves of Spiranthes are basal (mostly). The spiral inflorescence has flowers arranged on it, either loosely or densely. The flowers twist upside down during their development, as most of the orchids do.

A lot of people do not know that Spiranthes is an orchid which has kept them secure from collectors. These white flowers grow along the upper part of the stem of this and are almost 6 inches long. The stem length varies from 1 to 2 feet, and the flowers grow in rows. Each stem has 2-3 spiral rows of white flowers, which are better known as Spiranthes or Lady tresses. The length of each flower is half an inch or slightly more. However, the flower nods slightly, curving downwards and its lip is also half an inch long. The margin of the mouth is somewhat crimped and is also flared a bit. One thing that sets this orchid apart is that it has a lovely fragrance. This is the reason why the majority of people do not even know that it is an orchid genus.

A dozen of Spiranthes or Lady Tresses are said to exist in the Eastern United States. In total, Spiranthes has five different species which live in Minnesota. But this flowering plant is highly fickle in its movement. Thus, as more mature ecosystems will establish, there are chances that these might melt away. Also, distinguishing these species is a little tight, but if you can understand the shape of its hood and the positioning of its petals, then it spotting them can be more comfortable.