Lobelia has been harvested for the sake of herbal remedies since ancient times as this flowering plant genus is considered extremely beneficial for health. Scientifically, this genus is termed as Lobelia Inflata. In light of several studies, Lobelia is deemed to be advantageous for asthma and depression patients. It can also be used to aid other health issues. However, a higher dose of Lobelia can be pretty toxic and can lead to health-threatening side effects. Thus, the usage of Lobelia must be appropriately prescribed by a professional. Do not try to take it without proper consultation.

What is Lobelia Inflata?

Lobelia is native to Northern America. It has tall green stems and small violet flowers with long leaves. In the New England region, Lobelia is used as a proper medicine. It is either burned or smoked for treating asthma patients. It can also aid in inducing nausea and treating muscular issues. Till date, Lobelia is being used by a lot of people due to the medical perks that it consists.

Health Benefits of Lobelia:

Studies showcase the fact that Lobelia has some great health benefits, and some of them have been listed below:

  • Helpful for Asthma:

Conventional medicines can be used along with the intake of Lobelia. Using this flowering plant can treat asthma by relaxing the airways and controlling cough and congested chest. It further aids in clearing mucus from your throat, which can be the core factor of congestion. Due to its ability to relax the airways, Lobelia is helpful in the treatment of pneumonia and bronchitis. Physicians and herbalists both believe in the perks of Lobelia for these purposes.

  • Helpful for Depression:

There are some compounds in Lobelia that are capable of controlling mood disorders and treating depression. Lobelia blocks the depression receptors from creating in the brain, boosting the overall mood and making you feel happier and positive. Some studies have successfully proved that Lobelia can help in reducing depressional behaviour by controlling the creation of stress hormones. Thus, Lobelia can provide you with better results than antidepressants.

  • Helpful for Drug Addiction:

Lobelia is an excellent treatment for drug addicts, and proper studies have been done on this too. Research suggests that Lobelia has a closer effect on nicotine, which helps people to quit smoking. However, the research is still going on in this context.

Side Effects:

Research regarding Lobelia is still limited, which does not provide us with a proper dosage recommendation. A study recommends 30mg of Lobelia and states it «safe». However, the dosage depends on your height, weight and age. Thus, you should recommend a herbalist and mention any alongside conventional medicines that you might be taking already to get the best dosage prescribed.

Lobelia has its side effects as some people experienced extreme nausea and numbness in their mouth. Both the situations are hard to deal with and can cause trouble in functioning correctly daily. A higher dosage can induce vomiting too and can prove to be fatal as well. Children shouldn’t take Lobelia and women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding their child must avoid it at all costs. The safety research is not proper; thus, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Bottom Line:

For centuries, Lobelia has been used as herbal medicine, but sadly, we do not have a proper dosage recommendation for it. If you are interested in trying Lobelia out for asthma or depression purposes, then it is highly advised that you visit a herbal doctor or a professional physician for proper prescription. Do not try Lobelia on your own as it can be fatal in higher dosage.