How to Get Rid Of Aphids

If you have a beautiful garden at your home, then you may have to face the aphids at some point. They are the tiny sucking insects that are also known as plant lice or greenflies. These insects are mostly found in black or green colors, but they can also see in gray, white, yellow or brown colors as well. The size of aphids is less than the ¼-inches long. The group of these insects includes the different 5000 species, along with the many hundred they may become a cause of the problem for gardens and agricultural life. They are usually got on the buds of fruits or flowers, the back side of leaves, sometimes roots, or on the bases of stems, it will also depend on their species. For most of the people, it is really hard to get rid of these insects because using chemical on the plants can damage your plants. So here you need to be tricky and wise while applying anything on your plants. Getting rid of these insects is not an easy task, but here we are going to help you with some useful tips. These tips will help you to get rid of aphids in an appropriate way without damaging your plants. So here we go:

Use Stream of Water

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to blast the aphids from the plants. The stream of water can help you to easily remove all these insects form your plants and wash them away through the water. If you feel that there are still some aphids attached with the plants, use the cotton swab or your fingers to remove them properly. Apply this method in the morning on the affected leaves so that you can be able to see clearly and let your leaves dry soon. You can also use a nozzle in front of the water pipe so the pressure can be even stronger. But make sure that this pressure will not damage your plants.

Use the Dish Washing Soap

It might be strange for you, but this is another popular method to get rid of aphids. To make the spray of dishwashing soap you need to put ½ teaspoon of the dishwashing soap along with water into a spray bottle of 32 oz.  Now you need to spray the affected leaves or plants and rinse off properly. This is such an interesting method to get rid of these insects, especially when they are on a single plant.

Apply the Neem Oil

Neem oil is a natural way of getting rid of aphids; for these plant lice, the neem oil is act as a repellent. To make the spray of neem oil, you also need to use the spray bottle of 32 oz, add ½ teaspoon of neem oil along with water and then spray the affected areas of your plants. It will not only help to get rid of plant lice infect oil is also effective to control the various kind of fungus that may damage your garden.

Nesting of Bugs Eating Birds

Encouraging the nesting of bugs eating birds is another great idea to get rid of aphid naturally. It will also eat the other bugs inside your garden that may damage your plants. Offer them food or space in your house to that is the best way to attract them towards this activity. The bugs eating birds prefer to make their nest under on twiggy shrubs or small trees because they can provide a good shelter to live. Try planting the abelia, hydrangeas and some other shrubs with the dense foliage because in this way the birds can get an opportunity to hide from the predators. There are some attractive choices such as privet, arborvitae and boxwoods they help to grab the attention of birds that love to eat aphids.

Apply Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is also known as rubbing alcohol that you can easily get. It is really an effective remedy to get rid of aphid. Usually, in the stores, this alcohol comes in the strength of 70%. To make the spray, you need to mix the equal parts of water and 70% alcohol in a spray bottle. To make it more effective, you can also add the liquid dishwashing soap that can provide you with quick results. Apply the mixture on the affected areas of your plants.

Eliminate the Damaged Parts of Your Plants

This is another way of getting rid of these plant lice. But this method can apply only if the few areas of a plant are affected. You can easily eliminate the damaged parts of the plants to keep the remaining areas healthy and safe.

Select the Neighbor Plants Wisely

There are several plants that are strong in scent and can deter the aphids. These plants include garlic, oregano, onion, chive, leeks, sage and some other plants as well. So you need to place these plants in specific areas of your garden where aphids are a big issue. Moreover, on the opposite side of your house, you can bring some growing plants such as nasturtium and calendula that can grab the attraction of aphids. It will help them to stay away from your plants but make sure that don’t keep these plants near the other plants; otherwise, the aphids will affect your healthy plants.

The Essential Oils

Essential oils are really helpful to make a spray that will help your garden r plants to get rid of plant lice. It’s a natural remedy that holds great results. A great mixture of some powerful essential oils includes the 4 to 5 drops of thyme, clove, rosemary and the peppermint. You need to mix it with water into a spray bottle and then apply the mixture on the plants.

Wrap Up

Well, these methods are really effective that can help you to keep your plants healthy and safe. They will also keep the aphids stay away for your plants. Beautiful and healthy garden or lawn is the dream of every person on which they don’t like to compromise. So, what are you waiting for? Analyze your plants and if they also have aphids problem then apply these methods.